Update March 2024

Have you seen our new Icon stickers? They are perfect for creating unique stories - string a few together on a new screen and watch the creativity flow!

Want to spice up your screen? Try out some Stickers! In the widget bar, Stickers can be found located behind the 'more' button.

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How it works

Click on the Sticker widget to get started and choose from a variety of different images to put on your screen. When you open the widget, you'll arrive to see an overview of the entire catalog of collections with previews of different 'Sticker sheets'. Click on any preview to expand the collection. Use Stickers to add some fun to your lessons - which one will you pick first? Go on and take a peek! You can also click on the double-sided arrow at the bottom of a sticker to spin it around! This way, you can modify the angle the sticker is displayed, anywhere from 0 - 180 degrees.

Sticker sheets

Once you select a 'Sticker sheets' collection, the preview will then expand so you can see the full catalog in that collection. To return to the main overview, click on the word 'Stickers'.


In case you don't have time to open up all the 'Sticker sheets' to find the image you need, you can search by keywords. Looking for a star? No problem, just type it in the search bar.

Recently Used

The 'Recently Used' feature really comes in handy as it sits atop all the sticker sheet categories. Quickly locate the last 10 stickers you've used in the past and put them back on your screen instantly.


To mirror a sticker, select it and click on one of the two buttons on the left side of the option bar.

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