Update January 2024

Ready, steady, go! Our new Scoreboard widget will keep track of the scores, whether you are doing a pop quiz or noting down positive behavior in class. With three different formats to try, there is something for everyone to add to their screens this January. Happy teaching!

The Scoreboard widget allows you to keep a score when playing a game. Locate this widget behind the 'more' button, next to the Stickers.

Use this widget
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How it works

Once you click on the Scoreboard widget, you'll be able to configure the settings based on how many teams you need and what type of display is preferred. Add up to eight teams per widget and choose from three different styles for your Scoreboard. Need more than eight teams (or names)? You can activate another Scoreboard widget on your screen.

Widget Setting

Scoreboard type

Via the settings, you can choose the appearance of the Scoreboard to reflect as 'Home-Away (2 teams)', 'Points', or 'Race'. Each type of Scoreboard has different settings that can be implemented which is helpful depending on what game your students will play.


Click the minus '-' or plus '+' buttons to decrease or increase points on the Scoreboard. If you otherwise want to adjust the points in increments, you can choose to modify the score by selecting '1, 5, 10, 15, or 25'. Once you've selected a specific number, you'll notice the '-' and '+' buttons will adjust accordingly based on which increment is selected.


By default, when the widget is activated, any Scoreboard will be set up to group students into two teams. Although the 'Home-Away' Scoreboard type can only accommodate two teams, the 'number of teams' can be manually adjusted by selecting the 'Points' or 'Race' options. It is also here that team names can be modified. You can input your own team names or click on 'team name suggestions' if you're in a pinch for time or just want to have some fun! By clicking on the purple circle to the left of the team name, you can modify the color of student teams to set them apart visually. To the left of the circle, you will notice a waffle icon in a gray bar, you can adjust the location of the teams as they appear in the widget. Click on the waffle and drag the team to relocate its position by preferred order and this modification will be reflected on your screen as well. To delete a team, click on the options icon to the right of the team name and select 'Delete Team'. To add a team, scroll to the end of the list of teams and click on the '+ Add team' button.


If you need to reset every team's scores or reset the score for one team only, this can be achieved in different ways. To reset the score per team, click on the options icon to the right of the team name and select 'Reset Score'. If you otherwise want to clear the board of all team points, scroll down to the Reset section in the settings and click on 'Reset all scores'. This action will bring all team scores back to zero.


When you want to hold a race, select this scoreboard and set a limit of points that can be reached. The first team to reach the finish line wins!


Make the race even more fun by changing the style of the counter. You can choose from a basic line, a rocket, a turtle, or blocks. Depending on the kind of race that you are having, or how many points are needed to achieve the goal, this signal can help to associate to correlation.

Color theme

Modify the look of your Scoreboard by making it a different color. Learn more about this setting in our Color theme article.

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