Update July 2023

The Draw widget has been revamped so you'll notice a change in how resizing works. When you enlarge the Draw widget, the image size will increase accordingly. This will make it easier for students to see drawings on your screen if they aren't close to the board.

Learn more about resizing

Just a quick note, a fun doodle, or an extensive drawing - it's all possible with the Draw widget!

Use this widget
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How it works

With the simple yet comprehensive toolbar, you can set all kinds of styles, shapes, and colors.


  • Undo/redo: Undo an action with the undo and redo arrows.
  • Hand grabbing: Using the "hand", you can drag the image to reveal another part of the canvas.
  • Eraser: With the eraser, you can delete a line or shape.
  • Paintbrush: With your paintbrush, you can make lines that support touch pressure.
  • Pencil: Make lines with a fixed thickness without pressure sensitivity.
  • Circle: Create circles and ovals. Hold down "SHIFT" to make a precise circle.
  • Line: Make straight lines. Hold down "SHIFT" to create horizontal or vertical lines.
  • Arrow: Make arrows. Hold down "SHIFT" to create horizontal or vertical arrows.
  • Square: Create squares and rectangles. Hold down "SHIFT" to create a precise square.

Adjust color and style

Double-click on a tool to adjust the line width, color, and style.

Resize widget

Need to increase the canvas size and create more space for your drawing? No problem! The resizing functionalities of the Draw widget can be helpful in a multitude of ways depending on what purpose you would like to achieve.
Resizing with the buttons on the sides (and top or bottom) of the draw field results in enlarging the field and maintaining the size of the drawing within it, while resizing with the buttons on the corners results in expanding the widget and the image.

Resize to fit

Use the 'resize to' button to eliminate any blank background space in the Draw widget or double-click (on any corner) to achieve the same effect. By double-clicking on any side (on the lines in between corners), you can adjust excess space more precisely in case you still need blank areas. If you click and drag on a corner, you will notice the image size (along with any applied background pattern) change based on the direction you move; drag out and your image enlarges, drag in and it minimizes.

Widget Setting


If you want to erase the canvas all at once, you can use the "Clear Canvas" button in the settings.

Background pattern

By default, a blank background is selected. Other options, that are available via the settings, include line paper, graph paper, a clock (for practicing telling time), and more!

Color theme

You can give the Draw widget a transparent background and use it for an overlay (as referenced in our Sound Level widget article). To achieve this, open the settings and select both the 'blank' background pattern and the color theme with the 'checkered' base.

Ideas on how to use it

If you use the Draw widget in spotlight mode, the canvas will be enlarged and, the tools are moved to the bottom of the screen for easy operation.

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