Refund policy

Full refund

Customers are entitled to a full refund if they want to cancel their account within fourteen days of purchasing a license for the Pro version. To receive the refund, send a written request to and we will provide the refund within 14 days of registering the request.

Refund request because your district bought an Organization account?

If you purchased an individual Pro account and your school/district decides to purchase an Organization account, you can request a (partial) refund. Before reaching out to us about the refund, please activate the license provided by your school to ensure a seamless transition of data on your account.

If you purchased your account 14 days before your school/district purchased an Organization account, you will receive a full refund.

If you purchased an account more than 14 days ago, you will receive a refund for the remaining duration of your subscription (which will be prorated).

To receive the refund, send a written request to providing us with the name of the school/district you work with.

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