Admin instruction

Once your Classroomscreen Organization account purchase has been completed, you will notice an 'Admin dashboard' tab has been added to your Classroomscreen account. Though you don't have to have a Pro license to be an admin, you can issue yourself a license if you would like to have access to the features of a Pro account.

Quick link to the Admin Dashboard.

As an Organization Admin, you will be able to:

Assign Licenses to your colleagues, and yourself as needed;

Quick Import email addresses;

Appoint Admins who can manage the licenses;

Assign licenses

There are two ways to provide licenses: by e-mail, or by activation link.


If you want to provide a license via e-mail, enter the name and e-mail address then press “Send”.

Activation link

If you otherwise want to provide a license with an activation link, click on the “Or show the link” button. You can then select "Copy to clipboard" and send it to a colleague or use it for yourself. Please note that the link only can be used once.

Reclaim a license

You can reclaim the license at any time and give it to someone else.

Are you curious about the status of a license that you have issued, or have you gotten a report that the Pro account isn't active although you've already issued a license? Here, you can obtain more information about the license and clarify what is occurring. If the license is 'Active', you will see the name of that person and the email address that was used to activate the license that you sent. If you do not see the status as 'Active', and only as 'Email sent', then the license has not been activated yet and the teacher will not have Pro access. If you see 'License available', this license is currently not occupied and free to be issued to someone.

Quick import

Step 1:

Switch to the "Quick import" tab. 

Step 2:

You can add a list of users in the text field with this format:  E-mail address; name

Please refer to the example just below.

Scroll down and press "Process list".

Appoint admins

Step 1:

Switch to the "Appoint admins" tab.

Step 2:

Enter the email address of the person you want to add as admin for your subscription.

Please note, the email address must be a registered Classroomscreen account. Only the owner of the account (the person who purchased the licenses) can appoint admins.

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