Domains to whitelist for the best Classroomscreen experience

We're sorry you're having trouble connecting to our Classroomscreen servers. Sending this article to your IT representative/department should provide them with the tools to get the issue resolved.

Please make sure the domains below are unblocked to ensure Classroomscreen works correctly. If you still need help, please contact us for additional assistance.

Critical domains for the app's core functionality:

- *.Classroomscreen.Com (Basically our main domain and all subdomains, two levels deep. For instance, we use Classroomscreen.ComAuth.Classroomscreen.Com but also Prd.Files.Classroomscreen.Com. Please whitelist all subdomains with a wildcard.)

Recommended domains for a well-functioning app:

- *.Googleapis.Com (this also contains subdomains for SSO and databases)  

- *.Sentry.Io (needed to see issues which makes it easier to provide support)  

- *.Firebaseio.Com (needed for a functioning Poll widget and syncing sessions of the same user between browsers) 

Critical domains for signing in and out - regardless of the sign-in method:



For SSO with Google or Microsoft

The following domains are loaded by the popup for SSO using Google.

- *.Youtube.Com

- *.Gstatic.Com

- *.Google.Com

The following domains are loaded by the popup for SSO using Microsoft.

- *.Msauth.Net

- *.Microsoftonline.Com

- *.Microsoft.Com

- *.Live.Com

Receiving transactional Emails (Pro-licenses, password reset, verification email, etc.)

If you are having trouble receiving transactional emails like pro-licenses, please whitelist the following IP address.  

- Email IP address: 

- DKIM Signature:

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