Update February 2024

We've got a new Brain Break Blog you can read, and four ready-made templates that go along with it. Take a quick peek at the blog to learn more about the benefits of short, interactive physical breaks from academic tasks or just click on the links below to get your students on the move!

Get started with a template

In case you want a quick start or a little inspiration, check out our templates!  Click on any of the six titles below and you'll be directed straight to a pre-made screen that will get your class on task just as quickly as you can snap your fingers! With a Pro account, templates are imported into your dashboard, and with a Basic account, you'll be taken directly to the template screen.

Activity templates

Daily check-in

Utilize a poll to get an idea of the class’s mood before starting with your class, also display some supportive messaging to set the tone for the day.

Silent reading

Enjoy a bit of Sustained Silent Reading (SSR) yourself. These widgets and timers help students get in the zone and stay there.

Independent work

Give your students everything they need to focus and excel with these productivity-boosting widgets.

Group work

Take the stress out of making groups by letting this template do that for you. Just bring the instructions.


Spice up the class dynamic and get the whole class chatting and connecting over some d-icebreaker questions.


Feeling spontaneous? Break out this drawing tool and improvise on the interactive whiteboard.

Brain break templates

Motion mania

Engage students in an invigorating session where they'll dance, jump, and stretch to refresh their minds and bodies, ready to tackle the next learning challenge.

Scribble safari

Unleash students' creativity with this brain break that invites them to explore their imagination through doodles and designs, fostering artistic expression and sparking new ideas.

Rhythm rampage

Elevate the energy levels in your classroom with a brain break activity that encourages students to keep the beat, enhancing focus and boosting mood while having a blast.

Would you rather...

Fuel laughter and lively discussions with Would You Rather... prompts, presenting students with amusing scenarios and challenging choices in a fun-filled atmosphere.

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