Your dashboard

As a Pro user, you can see all the screens that have been saved in your dashboard. You can access your dashboard by clicking on the 'Home' icon, in the upper left-hand corner of your screen. If you do not have an account or if you have a Basic account, you see the screens that you've created in that session however they will not be saved. To compare the functionalities of Classroomscreen account types, you can follow this link No account vs. Basic account vs. Pro account.


You can create a new screen with the Plus button and open it by clicking on the image. The image shows a schematic thumbnail of the screen. Screens are grouped into collections where you can sort, duplicate, delete, and rename them. 

Screen options

The screen options allow you to change the name of a screen, create a duplicate of a screen, and delete a screen. You can sort your screens by clicking on them and dragging them around. It is also possible to move a screen from one collection to another collection.


Create a new collection by pressing the “+ Add collection” button. In the main widget screen, you can easily navigate from one screen to another within the same collection. Also, if you choose to "Pin" a widget, it will be visible in the same location on all screens within that collection.
There are many ways to use the collection, but a common way is to create one collection for each day and store all your screens for that day in the collection.

Collection options

In the top right corner of a collection, you will see the options button. By clicking on the options you will find it is possible to rename, color, duplicate, move, or delete a collection. You will also see arrows that allow you to move a collection up or down in your workspace. 


You will see at least one workspace on the left side of the dashboard when using Classroomscreen with no account or a Basic account. If you have a Pro account, you can create additional workspaces by pressing “+ Add workspace”. After entering a workspace name, you see a new empty workspace appear. The workspaces give you even more options for sorting and organizing your screens.

Workspace settings

At the top right of the dashboard, as a Pro user, you see a button to open the workspace settings. Here you can rename or delete a workspace.

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