Name lists

Name lists can be used for the group maker and for the Randomizer widget. With a Basic account, you can save three name lists and with a Pro account, you can save up to 100 lists!

Click Here to open the name list tab in your dashboard.

Create new list

If you press “+ Create new name list”, a screen opens where you can enter a title and type or paste the names from an Excel / Google Sheets document. Make sure you have entered one name per line. When all students have been entered, press the “Create” button to save the list.

Edit list

Edit the list by pressing the options button on the list. There you can change the title and also add and delete names.

Exclude combinations

Via the options button next to a student's name, you can access the student settings. You can change the name of a student, and you can prevent combinations with other students from the list when using this feature in the group maker widget.

Starred name list

If you have a list that you need often, we recommend you to “star” this list. By pressing the star next to the title, the widgets that use name lists will automatically select the "starred" list when the widget is launched. You can star only one name list.

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