Use the Randomizer widget to institute turn-taking in a fair, and fun way.

Use this widget
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How it works

The Randomizer widget selects one individual from a list of student names that you've created. Upon starting the Randomizer widget, you must first configure it by choosing from a list of names stored in the dashboard or by entering a list via the settings. Click the shuffle icon to start choosing a name. Once all students have been chosen, you will notice an announcement declaring that each student has had a turn along with the option to clear the list and start over.

Name lists

If you have a Basic account, you can save up to three lists of names and Pro users can save up to 100 indexes.

Via your dashboard, you can go to the “Name lists” tab to begin adding students. If you have starred a list to mark it as your favorite, this list will automatically be pre-selected.

More Info About Name Lists

Widget settings

Selected names

If you need to remove a student from a saved list, that you have chosen to be shuffled, this can be done via the settings. For instance, a student cannot participate in the selection due to an absence.

Sound & Animation

With these settings, you can enable or disable the sound and animation that occurs during the shuffle process. The sound and animation settings are automatically saved for users with a Basic or Pro account.

Remember chosen students

This option lets you remember the students who have had their turn, so they will not be chosen again (until all students have had their turn). If you use the same list for a Randomizer widget on another screen, it will continue with the names that have not yet been chosen. This feature ensures a fair distribution of the turns you give to all your students. 

Clear list

Want to start from scratch after some students have already been chosen? Via the widget settings, you can choose to clear the list and begin the selection process with all students included again.

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