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With the Group Maker widget, located behind the 'more' button, you can easily create groups of students using your name lists.

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How it works

Do you need to assign seats, or set up teams for a game? The Group maker widget can easily help to establish them for you at random!

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Choose list

When you start the Group maker widget, you must configure it by choosing a list or entering names via the settings.

Select names

If you have chosen one of your saved lists, you can see which students are included and how many of them will be in the groups that are being created. If you don't want a student to join a group, simply deselect the student; this can be useful if, for example, a student is absent.

Number of groups

Use the slider to set the number of groups you want to create and you'll see an indication of how many students there will be in each. When you are ready, you can close the settings.

Create groups

Click on "Create groups" in the widget to assign the students.

Change group name and color

Click on the name of the group to modify the title. Via the "bucket" icon, you can adjust the group color.

Arrange students manually

By hovering the mouse pointer just to the left of a name, you will notice the "grip" icon appear. If you click and hold the name, you can move (drag) that student to another group, or change the order in a group.

Lock students

By hovering the mouse pointer over a name, you'll notice a "lock" icon appear just to the right. If you click on the lock and then reshuffle the groups, that student will remain there.

Change layout

You can modify the layout of the widget, for an alternative display, by resizing it.

Set "prevent combinations" in your name lists

Via the “Name lists” tab in your dashboard, you can prevent combinations of students in a group by selecting the settings beside a student's name. Users with a Basic account can save up to three lists and Pro users can save up to 100.

Learn more about name lists and prevent combinations

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