Traffic Light

Use the Traffic Light widget in a variety of circumstances! Want to let students know it's time to put away the devices or see how much of the lesson was understood? With this widget, you can set and asses the tone of your class with ease.

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How it works

The Traffic Light has several uses which are highlighted at the bottom of this page. The teacher can use this widget on their screen, but the students can use it (in spotlight mode) on their own devices as well. Simply press the light to turn it on or off. You can also click on the double-sided arrow at the bottom of the widget to spin it around! This way, you can modify the angle the widget is displayed, anywhere from 0 - 180 degrees.

Widget Setting


Within the widget setting, you can choose from four different designs and add a color theme to compliment your styling. For example, make the background transparent (that's how we like it).


If you enable descriptions, you can fill in the meaning to correspond with the light color.


You can choose to enable sounds that will produce an effect when you turn the light on and off. This sound setting is automatically saved for users with a Basic and Pro account. 

Ideas on how to use it

Here are some examples of using the Traffic Light with your class. Hopefully, it inspires you!

Example: Noise levels

Red: No talking

Yellow: Whisper voices

Green: Inside voices

Example: Are you allowed to disturb the teacher?

Red: Do not disturb the teacher

Yellow: First ask your neighbor, still have a question - ask the teacher

Green: You can disturb the teacher

Example: Can I use my device?

The teacher can indicate on the screen whether students can use their devices.

Red: No devices allowed

Yellow: Device is turned on only when told it is allowed

Green: Devices are allowed for learning purposes

Example: Progress bar

Students use the Traffic Light in spotlight mode on their own devices and click on the lamp corresponding to their progression. The teacher can gauge how far each student has progressed with their task when walking around the room.

Red: I haven't made much progress on the task yet

Yellow: I'm halfway through the task

Green: I've completed the task

Example: Do you understand?

Students use the Traffic Light in spotlight mode on their own devices and click on the lamp corresponding to their understanding. The teacher can gauge the level of understanding of each student and provide additional explanations as needed when walking around the room.

Red: I don't understand

Yellow: I still have a few questions

Green: I do understand this subject

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