With the Timetable widget, you can create a clearly outlined schedule of events for the day. Use the 'Checklist' to make an indefinite agenda that can be checked off as you progress through the lesson, or follow a 'Timed schedule' to display events for the day that are more time-sensitive.

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How it works

With the 'Timed schedule' activated, the end of activities will be announced by a sound alert so sticking to a tight schedule will be no problem when this setting is enabled.

If you've got a more relaxed day ahead, alternatively, a 'Checklist' may be ideal as it provides the advantage of manual control, allowing students to take their time with any listed event. Regardless of which style you initially utilize when creating your Timetable, your list will be maintained amid a switch to the other style - you can be flexible if things aren't going as planned. In case you want to group items according to categories, try adding more Timetable widgets to your screen and giving them different titles.

Widget Setting

Show title

Via the widget settings, give your Timetable widget a name or turn off the title to remove the heading.


Choose from a 'Checklist' to simply display the order of events in your Timetable widget or select the 'Timed schedule' style in case you need a more structured overview of the day. Running out of time per event? Add in a break, change the mode, or give the students a buffer by adding a few minutes to any activity. You can also minimize the length of an activity if you recognize too much time has been allocated.


When you activate a new Timetable widget, click on 'Open settings' and then '+ Add activity' to get started with configuring the day's events. Now you can choose from a selection of icons displayed in the Pictogram library with a manual search for images or by filtering the organization of items from 'A-Z', and 'Recently used'. Can't find what you're looking for? No problem! Submit a request (via the Google Doc link in the Pictogram library) and tell us what you need - we're excited to hear from you. Need to change the image? Click on the pictogram and continue your search for a replacement. Once you've found the right image, it's time to head back to the settings and label the activity.

The option to add a break is available in the 'Timed schedule'. When you click on '+ Add break' you'll notice a gap in time between activities although there is no display integrated into the widget. This feature is handy when you need to postpone an activity or give your students a bit of time between events.

Via the settings, you can modify the title of an activity, adjust the order of activities, and delete activities from your list. Click and drag on the six dots to the left of the activity to move items around or delete items by clicking on the trash can.

Alarm sound

Choose which noise plays when the end of an activity is announced or turn off the sound by selecting 'Muted' from the list of available sounds.

Color theme

If you select a different color theme the Timetable widget text is automatically converted to match.

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