With the Embed widget, you can showcase another webpage within the Classroomscreen application by using an iframe. You can find the Embed widget behind the 'more' button in the widget bar, and via the settings, you can adjust the embedded code.

Use this widget
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How it works

Open the Embed widget, enter an iframe, and click on 'run code' - the external data will then be imported for display. If you enter a website URL as opposed to an iframe, you may encounter errors with this widget. Currently, Classroomscreen does not have an iframe that can be used for embedding into another application. Some applications that are available for use with the Embed widget include Google Slides, Canva, PowerPoint, Vimeo, and GuitarApp. You will notice the instructions for each provided just below.

Google Slides

1) Open your Slides. 

2) At the top, click File, Publish to the web.

2) Go to the Embed tab and click Publish.

3) Copy the iframe code.

4) Paste this code into the Embed widget.

Source ↗


1) Create or open an existing design.

2) On the top corner of the editor, click the ••• button.

3) Select Embed from the options.

4) Copy the "HTML embed code".  Classroomscreen does currently not support the "Smart embed link".

5) Paste this code into the Embed widget.

Source ↗

PowerPoint (for the web)

1) Save your presentation to OneDrive.com (storing the presentation in a public folder online is what allows you to embed it on a web page).

2) Open your presentation in PowerPoint for the web. On the File tab of the Ribbon, click Share, and then click Embed.

3) To create the HTML code to embed your file in the web page, click Generate.

4) Under Embed Code, right-click the code, click Copy, and then click Close.

5) Paste this code into the Embed widget.

Source ↗


1) Click on the share button   of a video.
2) Copy the code in the box at "Embed".
3) Paste this code into the Embed widget.


1) Open the Spotify webpage.

2) Click on one of the 'Spotify Playlists'.

3) Locate and click on the ••• 'Options' button near the ▶️ 'Play' button.

4) Hover over 'Share' and then select 'Embed playlist'.

5) Click the green 'Copy' button once the popout appears and then paste that code into the Embed widget and click 'Run code'.

Music widgets provided by GuitarApp.com

GuitarApp.com offers various tools to support you during your music lessons. The metronome and the tuner are handy applications that you can put on your screen with the Embed widget.

Copy the iframe code from the pages below into the Embed widget and you're good to go!

Get The Metronome Code ↗

Get The Tuner Code ↗

Get The Interactive Chord Tool ↗


Besides the above applications, there are other helpful tools listed below that you can embed. If you have any useful tips for other Classroomscreen users, please let us know.

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