Update January 2024

You can now store up to 500 images in the Image widget!

With the Image widget, you can add pictures to your screen! Whether for educational purposes or just for fun, this widget allows you the flexibility to introduce a variety of items to your screen.

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How it works

When you activate the Image widget, files can be easily uploaded to your screen. By clicking on the settings, once the widget opens, you can manage any pictures you want to display on your screen. You can also click on the double-sided arrow at the bottom of the widget to spin it around! This way, you can modify the angle of display for an image, anywhere from 0 - 180 degrees.

Widget Setting


Via the widget settings, you can upload images and access the images that have already been uploaded. Pro users can store up to 500 images in their accounts that are automatically saved for later use.

Supported image files include PNG, JPG, and GIFs of up to 25 MB in size.

Deleting images (for Pro users)

If you want to delete images from your account, click on the enable button at the bottom of the settings panel. Once enabled, a delete button will appear on each picture and you can click on it to remove an image.

Ideas on how to use it

Add frequently used images (like a Bitmoji or certain class symbols) to the gallery for easy access during your lessons.

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