The Video widget allows you to play content on YouTube without interruption by ads. Watch videos without switching to another tab so all your widgets remain active and visible on your screen. Locate this widget behind the 'more' button, next to the Dice.

Use this widget
no account needed

How it works

Enter the YouTube URL or ID in the input field and press the "play" icon to watch your video. Currently, this widget only supports videos from YouTube.

Widget Setting


In the Video widget settings, you can enter or change the YouTube URL or ID. The video will load immediately if a valid URL or ID is entered.

Ideas on how to use it

The spotlight mode further eliminates distractions while the video is playing. You can also make the video larger with the "full screen" icon at the bottom right of the widget.


If you experience an issue with the video not playing, we would first recommend disabling any ad blocker in case may be contributing to the problem. Please reach out to us at in case you still need assistance.

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