Make your online lessons a bit more interactive with the Webcam widget or share what you're writing with your document cam. Locate this widget behind the 'more' button, next to the Dice.

Use this widget
no account needed

How it works

With this widget, you can start a Webcam in a small window on your screen. The two buttons on the left side of the widget allow you to flip the camera image horizontally or vertically. You can also click on the double-sided arrow at the bottom of the widget to spin it around! This way, you can modify the angle the widget is displayed, anywhere from 0 - 180 degrees.

Widget Setting

Select camera

If you have connected multiple webcams, you can select the source you want to use via the widget settings.

Ideas on how to use it

Depending on the webcam you have, it is possible to use this widget as a document cam. Because you can flip the camera image, any text in the document will be displayed properly.


If your webcam was not found or if you accidentally didn't permit it, you can refer to the following instructions.

For Chrome

For Safari

For Firefox

No data from the camera is being stored on our servers. It is only recorded locally, in the browser that is used, to create the display.

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