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Update March 2024

We've added another feature - as a Pro user, you create a slideshow if you want to transition between your backgrounds automatically!

The background of your screen brings the perfect atmosphere to your classroom. Your selection can set the tone for each lesson - is it time for a game, a holiday celebration, or is it reading hour? Choose from our carefully preselected backgrounds, or upload your own material.

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How it works

Go ahead, select the Background icon in the widget bar, and browse all the thumbnails - once you decide on your favorite image, click it and see your screen transform! By default, a Background will be chosen at random when you start a new screen, but you can modify this to always start on a specific one via the settings.

Background categories

Classroomscreen contains an extensive range of different categories with beautiful backgrounds. Some categories change seasonally and during holidays. You can also choose your hemisphere in the settings! In addition to the photos, there are animated GIFs, colors, and gradients to choose from. Some categories offer additional images if you upgrade to Pro.


Ready to mix it up? Teachers with a Pro account can create a background slideshow to shuffle between images. This feature allows for background images to be modified per second, minute, or hour. There are no limits to the images you can shuffle or the number of slideshows you create! To get started, activate the Background widget. When the side panel appears, you can find the Slideshows feature available below the 'Colors' category. Once you click the '+ Create slideshow' button and set the interval, select the '+ Add Backgrounds' button to choose your images (selecting at least two). From there, you're all set - press the purple 'Add backgrounds' button and then 'Save' to start your slideshow! Within this category, you can conveniently view the slideshows you've created, their intervals, and image thumbnails.

My uploads

In the "My uploads" section, you can upload images and GIF files (up to 25 MB). Click on the purple plus button to upload a background of your choice. Once you've selected a file, it will appear as your Background. To modify that file, click on "Manage uploaded backgrounds", you will notice all your Backgrounds are available to adjust. Here you can delete or change the display (rotation and fit/fill) of your images. Reorder your uploaded backgrounds by simply dragging the backgrounds to set the order of your choice. As a Pro user, you can choose to save up to 50 backgrounds.

Starred Backgrounds

If you have an account, you can click on the "star" to mark a background as a favorite. The backgrounds that you star are then placed above all other images in the widget screen so you can quickly find your favorites without having to scroll.

When a thematic background is starred, it will remain available as long as you don't deselect the star, even if the theme has already been changed.

Background Setting

Click the gear icon to open the Background Settings. From here, you can determine how your backgrounds are displayed when you open a new screen in the application. You can always start with a specific background of your choice or choose a background randomly from your starred selection or from all the backgrounds.

By default, the geographical location is set to the northern hemisphere, but this can easily be adjusted via the settings. With this selection modified, different seasons and themes of backgrounds become available based on your preferences.

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