Display the Clock widget on your screen to show the time and set alarms to help with time management.

Use this widget
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How it works

The Clock widget has three different layouts and by default, shows both analog and digital time. If you decrease the height of the widget, the layout will jump to an analog clock and if you reduce the height even further you only see the digital time.

Via the settings, you can add an alarm which is useful if you want your student to end or start an activity right on time.

Widget Setting

Time format

In the widget settings, you can choose whether you prefer a digital display of 12-hour AM/PM or a 24-hour time format. This setting will automatically be saved for users with a Basic and Pro account.


If you click on the "+ add alarm" button, a window will open where you can select an alarm time and add a description. The description only appears in the setting as a reminder for the teacher. If you want to use this alarm more often, you can add the time to your profile for later use. Users with a Basic and Pro account can save the alarm times to their profile.

With this feature, you can choose which sound should be played when the alarm time is reached. This setting will automatically be saved for users with a Basic and Pro account.

Ideas on how to use it

The clock is an essential part of classroom time management. When used with the alarm times, it supports keeping students on task when they might otherwise lose track of time. Likewise, it provides clarity for everyone when the end of an activity is announced.

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