By using the Timer widget, you provide your students with a visual reminder of how much time is left in any given task. This will help you to manage time, keep your students on task, and achieve the learning objectives set for each day.

Use this widget
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How it works

You can adjust the timer along the way by adding or removing minutes and seconds if you press the "+" or "-" buttons. 

The Timer widget has three different layouts; the default version offers the timer with a corresponding indicator. The second layout will feature the timer alone if you reduce the widget's width. If you prefer the third option, reduce the width even further and you will see the timer is visible within the indicator.

Widget Setting

Timer sound 

Via the settings you can select the sound that is heard when the time is up, this feature is saved automatically for users with Basic and Pro accounts. There are 13 different sounds, the Mario tune is our favorite.


You can set the number of repetitions via the widget settings. Once the timer ends, and you hear the sound, it will repeat automatically based on the number specified.

Ideas on how to use it

The Timer is an essential tool for classroom management as it supports keeping students on task when they might otherwise lose track of time. Likewise, it provides clarity for everyone when the end of an activity is announced.

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