All about the widget options and behavior

Update March 2024

We've added a new feature! You can now have even more fun with your screen by rotating select widgets.

Welcome to the wonderful world of widget behavior! Here, we're going to show you how to get your screen set up just the way you love it. From the size to the shape to the color, you can learn all about how these nifty little things function.

How it works

When you click a widget in the widget bar, you will notice it appears on your screen with an indigo-colored border, this means the widget is ready to be modified. You can modify the widget by selecting one of the icons in the floating toolbar, or by clicking on one of the corners. In the toolbar, you will find the 'trash', 'settings', and 'options' buttons. To resize the widget, click and drag on any corner. To relocate the widget, click directly on it and drag it across the screen. To rotate a widget, click on the double-ended arrow (when available) and spin! This way, you can modify the angle a widget is displayed anywhere from 0 - 180 degrees.

Ready to move on? Go ahead and exit edit mode by clicking anywhere on the background of your screen - you will then notice the border, toolbar, and corners disappear. Click on another widget to continue setting up your lesson!

Widget Setting

Via the widget settings, you can adjust certain widget-specific features like sound and styling for example. You will come to notice that the settings for each widget will vary but they will all include Color themes (and My custom themes, if you have a Pro account).

Widget Options

From the options menu, you can access features that allow you to increase your productivity. Explore the possibilities by clicking on the three little dots in the floating toolbar atop your widgets.


You can choose to copy one or more widgets and duplicate them on any screen in your account. To copy multiple widgets simultaneously first select those needed with the curser, and use the shortcut keys "Command (⌘)/Cntr + C " to copy and "Command (⌘)/Cntr + V" to paste them as you please.

Show in all screens (Pin)

You also have the option to β€œpin” widgets, ensuring that they are visible on every screen within that collection. If you navigate to the next screen, you will notice that this widget remains visible in the same place on the screen.


If you select the options button, you will find the spotlight feature. This feature ensures that the widget appears large, in the spotlight, and that the other widgets are hidden.

Exit spotlight mode by pressing the close button at the top right of the screen.


With the lock feature, you can count on your carefully placed widgets staying put! Whether you're in the creation or presentation mode, you can rest assured that a simple slip of the hand (whether yours or theirs) won't undo all your hard work.

Bring to front

Want to layer the widgets on your screen just so? You're in luck! The "Bring to front'" option allows you to display your preference atop another widget as needed.

Send to back

If you change your mind and need to modify the widgets that have been stacked a specific way, use the "Send to back" option.

Multi-select widgets

Click and hold your mouse pointer, and drag it across the screen to encompass the widgets you want to select. Once they are highlighted, you can perform actions cohesively. As a group, widgets (and annotations) can now be modified by size, color, and location. You can also delete them all at once.


With the new group option, you can modify or delete a single widget in the selection while maintaining the grouping function. Once the widgets are selected, click on the toolbar and choose 'group', you will notice a blue background indicating this option is active.

Undo delete

When you delete a widget or an annotation, a pop-up will appear in the bottom-left corner letting you know that the item has been deleted and giving you the option to restore them. Alternatively, click the three dots in the top right-hand corner of your screen and restore them from the new option added to the menu.

If you deleted something or would like to reimplement a widget or annotation you made recently, you now have the next 30 days to use it.

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