Update March 2024

We recently added more than a dozen new fonts! Activate a Text widget, and take a peek at the list - you can scroll through all the styles in the toolbar.

Use the Text widget to welcome your students with a nice greeting or include more in-depth instructions about your daily lesson plan. By choosing from various options in the Text widget, you can modify the formatting and personalize your text. 

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How it works

Click on the Text widget icon to get started and a blank box will activate on your screen. Use the arrow button on the left side of the toolbar to relocate the Text box while you are in creation mode or click and drag the Text box around to modify the position when you are in presentation mode. You will notice that the toolbar location adjusts based on where your Text box is placed. Use the toolbar to modify the way your text appears - check out the features just below! You can also click on the double-sided arrow at the bottom of the widget to spin it around! This way, you can modify the angle the widget is displayed, anywhere from 0 - 180 degrees.


  • Bold, Italic, Underline, Strikethrough: These features are located behind the B button.
  • Align: Using the alignment button, you can choose text to display from the left, center, or right.
  • Bullet: Present your text in an outlined format with bullets or a numbered orientation.
  • Formula: Generate equations with the click of a button.
  • Square: Easily exponentiate your math problems.
  • Link: Insert hyperlinks into your agenda. Be sure that "https://" precedes the link and you will be forwarded directly to the website when you click on it.
  • Text color: Modify the appearance of your text.
  • Background color: Modify the color behind your text.

Resize widget

The resizing functionalities of the Text widget allow you to modify your message and ensure that it will be conveyed correctly.

Resizing with the buttons on the sides (and top or bottom) of the text field results in enlarging the field and maintaining the size of the text within it, while resizing with the buttons in the corners results in expanding the widget and the text.

Resize to fit

Use the 'resize to' button to eliminate any blank background space in the Text widget or double-click (on any corner) to achieve the same effect. By double-clicking on any side (on the lines in between corners), you can adjust excess space more precisely in case you still need blank areas. If you click and drag on a corner, you will notice the text size change based on the direction you move; drag out and your text enlarges, drag in and it minimizes.

Formatting options

Text size: Although there is a standard set of text size options available to choose from, you can also manually enter a number according to your display preference.

Text style: Choose from over 20 different fonts.

Text language: Check out the language used in the Text widget, it'll provide you with support function options.

Widget Setting

Default font family and font size

Via the widget settings, the default font family and font size can be established. This will ensure that every time you start a new Text widget, your preferences are maintained. For users with a Basic and Pro account, this setting is automatically saved.

Spell check

You can enable or disable the text corrections feature in the widget.

Color theme

If you choose a different color theme the text is automatically converted to match, unless you have manually set the text color.

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