Update March 2024

The Dice widget has been revamped so you'll notice a few more options when you are up for taking a chance! Put two dice widgets on your screen and try out the new 'rock, paper, scissors' option.

With the Dice widget, play fun games or add a unique twist to learning! Locate this widget behind the 'more' button, next to the Video widget.

Use this widget
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How it works

The Dice widget is a simple tool that allows you to roll a dice and apply it in different ways. Press the purple button and the dice will roll. You can also click on the double-sided arrow at the bottom of the widget to spin it around! This way, you can modify the angle the widget is displayed, anywhere from 0 - 180 degrees.

Widget settings

Choose dice

You can choose from the dice below via the widget settings.

  • A regular die from [1] to [6]
  • Two regular dice from [1] to [6]
  • Three regular dice from [1] to [6]
  • A die with the following faces: [+1], [+2], [+3], [+4], [+5], [+6]
  • A die with the following faces: [-1], [-2], [-3], [-4], [-5], [-6]
  • A die for math with the following faces: [+], [-], [:], [x]
  • A color dice with the following options: [white], [purple], [yellow], [green], [red], [blue]
  • A die from [1] to [12]
  • A die from [1] to [20]
  • A two-sided die with heads or tails
  • A die from [A] to [Z]
  • Custom dice from a minimum of [-999] to a maximum of [+999]


The sound option allows you to switch the effect on and off, this setting is automatically saved for users with a Basic and Pro account.

Ideas on how to use it

Do math

You can do on-the-fly practice with your students by placing multiple dice widgets on the screen and selecting the math faces.


The dicebreaker method is helpful when you have a new group of students who need to get to know one another. Click on Dicebreaker Questions for ideas on how to get the introductions started!

Tic-tac-toe dice game

This game is a fun exercise that you can use without preparation.

You play this game with two players. Players must draw a tic-tac-toe grid on a piece of paper. The teacher rolls the dice centrally on the board (or the student does it on their own device). They take turns entering the number of the die into one of the boxes on the grid. The first player to make 10 either horizontally, diagonally, or vertically is the winner.

(idea by @creationsinduction via Instagram | Source)

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