The Poll is a clever tool you can use to collect feedback. If you want to know how students feel about something or whether they've understood the lesson, for example, you can easily utilize this widget by following the steps below.

Use this widget
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How it works

When you start the Poll, you will configure it by choosing one of three different question types via the settings.

Question type

1. Multiple choice: You can enter up to five answer options for the multiple choice question.

2. Smileys: With the smileys, students can select one of the five smileys that best corresponds to their answers or feelings.

3. True / False

Get started

Enter question-and-answer options

After choosing a question type, you can enter the question you want to ask your students (using up to 160 characters). With multiple choice, you can enter up to five answer options.

How to vote

There are two ways for students to vote; the method you prefer can be managed via the widget settings. Students can vote remotely on their own devices or cast their votes by clicking on one of the voting buttons on the interactive whiteboard. 

If you choose the voting buttons on the screen, we advise that you switch to the spotlight mode while students are voting to hide other buttons on the screen (which may be distracting).

Remote voting is available for users with a Basic and Pro account.

Poll settings

Via the poll setting, you can indicate whether the answers are visible and whether voting is open or closed. A shortcut for these buttons can also be found in the widget itself, providing you the ability to make quick adjustments without opening the widget settings.

Chart type

There are three ways to display the votes: a Bar chart, Pie chart, or Doughnut chart.

Reset votes

You can reset the votes via the widget settings so a student who has cast their vote remotely can vote again on this poll.

If you want to change the question type after answers have already been given, you will need to reset the votes first.

Vote remotely

The "remote vote" option is available for users with a Basic and Pro account and must be enabled in the settings.

If remote voting is enabled, a short instruction for students will appear on the top center of your screen indicating how to access the question. Students should go to Www.Joincrs.Com on their devices and enter the code that appears in the bar.

Alternatively, students can access the poll question if they scan the QR code located to the right of the numbers in the bar. This feature provides direct access to the question without entering the code.

Ideas on how to use it

The Poll widget is easy to use in combination with other widgets. You can visually complement your question by adding a photo with the image widget, and if you want students to take up to 20 seconds to complete a question - you can activate the timer.

If you have additional questions to ask - quickly skip to the next screen, accessible via the screen navigation arrow in the lower right-hand corner, and open another Poll.

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