Widget screen

Update March 2024

We've added the option for you to blur your screen! Now, you can press the number 1️⃣ key to hide the content on your screen. What better way to introduce the day than with a surprise screen?

When you launch Classroomscreen, you will arrive at the widget screen to find 20+ different widgets that support all of your classroom activities. You can easily open widgets and drag them around the screen to set up the perfect display based on your lesson plans.

Widget bar

You can activate the widgets, so they appear on your screen, by clicking on the icons inside the Widget bar. When a widget is added, a small gray dot will appear above the icon, indicating how many of those widgets are active.

Edit Widget bar

In the Widget bar, you can see the first eleven widgets and the others become visible when you press the “more” button. You can sort icons in the widget bar yourself by choosing "more" and then pressing the "Edit widget bar" button.

Hide Widget bar

To hide the widget bar, press the "caret" button next to the "more" icon or press the shortcut key "B".

Other buttons on the widget screen


The Home button will take you back to your dashboard.


Via the Options, you can modify your screen Settings and access the "Restore widgets from trash" button. These handy features allow you to make swift changes and undo any items that you accidentally (or purposely) get rid of. Items in the trash bin are saved for 30 days after being deleted. You will also notice the "Fullscreen" mode button, "Keyboard shortcuts" list, and "Help center" site located in the Options.


Via the Options, click on the 'gear' icon and a popout will appear on your screen. Here, you'll notice it's possible to change the following items: screen name, description, widget bar and symbols language, aspect ratio, screen buttons style (dark mode), and navigation bar.


Here you can see how many screens are in a collection, and you can navigate from one screen to another. When you are on the last screen of the collection, you will see a plus button which will allow you to create a new screen. Via the Settings, you can modify what corner the navigation bar sits in.


In Annotation mode, you have the opportunity to institute a classic approach to teaching using digital tools. Need to accentuate a point, provide helpful visual cues, or give some feedback? It's as simple as can be when using the annotation tools, either alone or in combination with the widgets on your screen - just click on the "squiggle" line in the top left corner of the widget bar to get started! Learn more about Annotations here.


In case you want to add an element of fun to your day, or you just want to shift focus from your screen, press the number 1️⃣ on your keyboard. This shortcut allows you to quickly hide any content displayed on your screen like magic! Press the 1️⃣ again to make the screen visible.

Want to learn more about the widgets?

A detailed explanation of each widget can be found on our Meet The Widgets page. Otherwise, check out our Widget behavior page for a crash course on how to modify your widgets.

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