My uploaded backgrounds

With a Pro account, you can store 50 of your backgrounds. Backgrounds can be managed in your dashboard and also in the widget screen by clicking on the background icon in the widget bar.

Upload backgrounds

You can upload GIF, PNG, and JPG files (up to 25 MB) by dragging your images into the upload area or clicking on the text link “Upload your files”.

Modify backgrounds

If you select a background, you can adjust the display (rotation and fit/fill) or delete the image. When the image is set to "fit", you can select the fill color to white, gray, or dark gray. Press the trash can to delete the selected image.

Sort backgrounds

The background images can be sorted in your dashboard, just click and drag them around to reorder your display based on preference.

Starred backgrounds

If you have a Basic or Pro account, you can click on the "star" to mark a background as a favorite. The backgrounds that you star are then placed above all other images in the widget screen so you can quickly find your favorites without having to scroll.

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