What is Classroomscreen?

With Classroomscreen you've got all the classroom tools at your fingertips. Whether you need a timer or would like to show your instructions, Classroomscreen has a variety of features that support your class activities, stimulate engagement, and help your students get to work.

It takes three steps to get started

Step 1: Launch & Project 

Click Launch, and start by choosing a background or uploading your own image. Project Classroomscreen with a beamer or digiboard in your class.

Step 2: Create your screen 

Choose the widgets you need from the widget bar. For example, use the text box to type your instruction and then use the timer to set the activity duration. You can select from 20+ different widgets to support your class activities. 

Step 3: Start your lesson 

During your lesson, you can easily adjust the instructions on your screen depending on what your students need.

Choose the right plan for your classroom

You can use Classroomscreen without an account or you can sign up to access extra functionalities. 

Sign Up or Compare Our Plans

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