How can i use Classroomscreen for distance learning?

Classroomscreen was originally developed for learning inside the classroom however, it can also support teachers with distance learning. To use Classroomscreen for this purpose, it is necessary to share your screen with your students. Please see the instructional guides below for support from various conferencing applications.

Instruction MS Teams (Youtube)

Instruction Google Meet (YouTube)

Instruction Zoom (YouTube)

Tips and helpful widgets for distance learning

Welcome your students

Turn on Classroomscreen and add a welcome note with an animated GIF background to make your students feel relaxed. Consider adding a countdown timer ten minutes before class starts so students can prepare for the lesson.

Share the instructions for your lesson

Prepare the agenda of your lesson in a text box. Whether you are teaching in a physical classroom, or an online classroom, it is important to share the lesson plan so students know what they can expect and what is expected of them.

Helpful widgets during your lesson

During your online class, you can use all the widgets for distance learning but there are a few widgets that can be extra helpful.

Webcam: While sharing your Classroomscreen, you can turn on the webcam so your students will see you next to the instructions.

Traffic light: Agree with your students on how to use the traffic light in an online setting. For example, a red light indicates that students have to turn off their microphones and a green light allows for them to be turned on.

Drawing tool: Use the drawing tool to quickly draw or explain something.

Poll: If you have an account, students can use the poll remotely by visiting to cast their votes. When students connect to your 'remote voting session', they can easily respond to a question. If you have additional questions to ask, they can be presented on consecutive screens and quickly accessed by using the screen navigation arrow in the lower right-hand corner.

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